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Ryan Walley source icon for review

Published Aug 27 2018

Great People and Great Work. Our office carpet had not had a cleaning since it was first opened. One visit from Alex and his team and now it is as good as new! ;)

Lisa K. source icon for review

Published Aug 23 2018

Alex is the ultimate professional.  Accomodates schedule, very nice on the phone to discuss your needs,  texts to confirm, and is is very pleasant all around.  Would recommend highly.

John Touring source icon for review

Published Aug 22 2018

I highly recommend using Metro Chem-Dry. My wife had Alex clean our pet soiled carpet in the house and the results have been fantastic. Carpets look great, no residual odor at all. She said Alex was a pleasure to work with and informative. As our facilities manager, this encouraged me to use him on a commercial job in our church social hall. Alex did an incredible job getting years of dirt and grime out and the appearance is now great. Lots of great remarks from our parishioners and we can get years more use. Very pleased and money well spent.

Chris C. source icon for review

Published Jul 27 2018

This is the kind of small local business you dream of supporting, and Metro Chem Dry gives you every reason to. It's a father and son team, friendly on the phone, and respectful of your property when working. We used Metro recently to prepare our old home for sale, and the very old carpets came up beautifully. Almost all stains were gone without extra treatment. No aggressive upselling. Had the chance to chat with Alex more once the work was over, and he's open and charming. We came away feeling we'd gotten an honest and nice job done, and we liked the people that did it. Bonus: because of the process they use, your carpets don't get stupid-soggy, and everything dries faster. Metro ftw!

John Smith source icon for review

Published Jul 24 2018

Alex is the man! Amazing work! Our beloved 16 year old dog passed last week...and man, she left us some surprises. Alex and his father were incredibly thorough and professional. They showed us the issues, and offered very affordable solutions. We will miss the dog, but are very thankful that Alex was able to remove what she left behind! Thank you Alex!

Jessica S. source icon for review

Published Jun 19 2018

I'm about to move into a rental property and noticed an odor in one of the rooms. My roommate and i had been told that the carpets were cleaned, but i assumed that was not the case and called up Metro Chem-Dry. I had a feeling there was a dog living in that room. Turns out i was right. Metro did a black light test and found several stains. They also took pictures to show me the carpets had in fact not been cleaned. They did a great job. They were efficient, reasonably priced and very helpful. I have clean carpets and no odor! Thanks guys!

Ness source icon for review

Published Jun 14 2018

Did my carpets in one day's notice, on-time, friendly and professional. They even fixed my rented house's garbage disposal.... Will recommend to anyone who needs their carpets done! Thanks again!

Jennifer Crawford source icon for review

Published Jun 07 2018

Alex and his father did a great job cleaning our basement carpet. Between our kids, dog and cat I never thought they would look like new again. But Alex made it happen! He was very professional and honest! I highly recommend Metro Chem-Dry!

Maria Barba source icon for review

Published May 25 2018

On-time, easy to deal with, great carpet cleaning...all around great service!

Maryann G source icon for review

Published May 22 2018

Job well done! They were able to schedule a time that was quick and convenient. The carpet looks great’ It was a very short drying time and we are very satisfied!


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