Get rid of your Spring Allergies!
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When the snow slowly starts to melt, and the spring time is on its way, the beauty of the newly blooming trees and flowers start to arrive. But, while we love the beauty, we tend to forget the drawbacks that come with it. Pollen is inevitable, and something we all have to deal with. While we may think Pollen is just outside, it may surprise most of us to learn that there is a good chance that same pollen is inside your home, and stuck inside your carpet.

Presence of Pollen

While allergies can be rough, we decide we want to hide inside where we are “safe”. However, pollen can get trapped inside the fibers of your carpet and cause both you and your family members coughs, stuffy noses, and itchy eyes.

Pollen comes from pollen grains, which are spread everywhere around us as the wind carries them. If you happen to open a window, or leave a door open for a minute, pollen somehow will find its way into your home. While most often tree or grass pollen, your carpet is one of the biggest “traps” for these different pollen.

Tips to get your home as allergy-free as possible:

  • Increase the Frequency in dusting your home.
    • Get rid of the pollen by dusting often. If possible, dusting every few days will reduce the impact pollen has on you and your family. Aside from the “normal” pieces of furniture you might normally dust, be sure to address the less obvious places in your home where the pollen resides. This could include the ceiling fans, china silverware and dishes, and above large pieces of furniture. Take your time dusting, and be thorough as this can be one of the most important tasks to keep your home clean.               
  • Wear a pollen-proof mask while cleaning.
    • When you have carpet that you are trying to keep clean, vacuuming frequently can help quite a lot. When vacuuming, you are able to clean your carpets of those pollen fibers. If you are still having these issues, a special, pollen-proof mask can be worn to reduce your exposure to the pollen. These masks, that decrease reactions to those symptoms above that we talked about, can be purchased at any Do-It-Yourself store.
  • Applying sticky tape to any pollen stains on your upholstery or carpets as a “Quick Fix” method.
    • While keeping flowers or plants in the home can be fun and attractive, they can cause stains on your carpets and upholstery. While there isn’t an exact “Go-To” home remedy to fix these issues (until your trusty Chem-Dry takes care of the issue!), you should be able to simply place some sticky ordinary tape on the stain and remove it. Keep doing this until the stain fades.

If you are like us, and dreading the spring time, give Metro Chem-Dry a call today! We don't just clean your home with eco-friendly cleaning products, but we make sure your home is healthy, happy, AND allergy-free!!