3 Ways That Green Carpet Cleaning Is Cooler Than Michael Jordan
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You may be asking; “What? What on Earth does green carpet cleaning have on 6 times NBA champion Michael Jordan?” Well, while Michael Jordan may have had “the skills to pay the bills” in basketball, there's no way his basketball skills could be as fresh and clean as the green carpet cleaning services provided by Chem-Dry.

  1. Chem-Dry uses a unique hot carbonating cleaning method that drives deeper and dries faster than Michael Jordan or steam cleaning . When you steam clean carpet, you saturate it with large amounts of water filled with soaps and detergents. Resulting in carpets that remain wet for 1-2 days, creating a literal breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria. Plus, the soapy residue left behind by carpet steam cleaners attracts dirt and causes your carpets to get dirty much faster. This results in carpets that remain wet for 1-2 days, which creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria. Plus the soapy residue left behind by carpet steam cleaners attracts dirt and causes your carpets to get dirty much faster. Chem-Dry’s process is different. Instead of soaking your carpets with water like a carpet steam cleaner, our process employs millions of microscopic bubbles to explode dirt from deep in your carpet fibers, so therefore we only need to use a fraction of the water that a typical steam carpet cleaner uses—almost 80% less in fact. After the carbonation releases and lifts the dirt, our high powered equipment extracts the dirt and moisture from the carpet. While the drying time depends on several factors, such as humidity, airflow, and the carpet itself, the carpet will typically be dry within just an hour or two and ready for you to enjoy.

  1. We also use a natural carpet cleaner instead of a cleaner with heavy soaps and detergent. Our 100% non-toxic, natural, patented carpet cleaner is one of the purest carpet cleaning solutions available and is the heart of our cleaning process. The Natural® combines the perfect balance of Mother Nature’s ingredients with carbonating bubbles that lift the dirt up out of your carpet, providing you with carpets that are cleaned thoroughly and safely. Because it contains no soaps, detergents, solvents, enzymes or other harsh chemicals it does not leave behind any residue, unlike Michael Jordan who leaves streaks on the court while he’s breaking ankles. All of the ingredients in our core cleaner “The Natural” are on the FDA’s G.R.A.S (Generally Recognized as Safe) list and are green-certified.

  1.  Allergens can invade your home via many different forms, through an open window, on the fur of a beloved pet, or on the soles of your children’s shoes. Either way, allergens can be very problematic for both you and your family. However, unlike Michael Jordan, Chem-dry provides a natural solution to help rid your home of pesky allergens. Your carpets attract dirt and dust particles more than any other part of your home. Our healthy home services, including our sanitizer and dust mite allergen treatment, are above and beyond the ‘norm,’ used to eliminate unhealthy bacteria and reduce common allergens to protect you and your home from pesky allergies. From your blinds to your floors (and everything in between) your home is only as happy as you make it.