Specialty Stain Removal

Specialty Wayne Stain Removal

Treat your carpets right by calling Metro Chem-Dry today! We offer quality Wayne stain removal services to your favorite couches and rugs. Your carpets and furniture deserve the best, so use Metro Chem-Dry as your top choice for removing any sort of stain or spot. Witness our innovative stain removal solutions in action today by calling us to setup your stain removal cleaning appointment, or by scheduling online.
Stain Removal Wayne PA

Safe For Home and the Environment

Metro Chem-Dry’s Wayne stain removal services are safe for your home as well as the environment. We care about the earth, so that’s why we provide quality services that are free of harsh chemicals. We treat stains and spots in your carpets and furniture without releasing harsh toxins into the air in your home. Call today to witness our all-natural solutions and equipment in action as they restore your carpets or furniture to its original glory!

If we can’t remove it, no one can!

You might have encountered the trouble of “permanent” blemishes. These are the blemishes that do not come out with regular techniques, the kind of blemish that lots of cleaning companies won’t go near. We can easily clean numerous stains, including: grass, wine, dirt and mud, coffee, pet accidents, blood, and food stains. We will set reasonable expectations right before we start working. If these troublesome areas have been in your house for long time periods, they may not be able to be completely removed, but the Metro Chem-Dry way will decrease the mark's visibility.

The best time to take care of any spot or stain in your carpet is now. Metro Chem-Dry offers affordable stain removal services to help restore your carpet or furniture to their original state, without breaking your back. Contact us today to hear more about our specials and promotions. Set up an appointment today to witness our quality services in your home.

Metro Chem-Dry provides a solution called Protectant to address spots and stains before they are a threat. Co-applied with our cleaning service, this product will shield your home from within the fibers of the upholstery or carpeted area that it is applied to, as opposed to just the surface. A lot of stain causing agents and liquids are repelled by our beneficial strategy, making your home easily maintainable between professional cleanings..