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Metro Chem-Dry’s technicians are required to keep up to date with all of the training needed to assess, diagnose, meet, and exceed all of your carpet cleaning needs in Newtown Square, PA. Metro Chem-Dry is also up to date with all of the cutting edge products that allow us to cut through some of the toughest stains and have your carpets looking like new in no time flat! With other cleaners, you might have to wait a couple days in order to walk on your carpet because of the excess amount of water that is used. With Metro Chem-Dry, you can expect your carpets in Newtown Square, PA, to be dry in 1-2 hours, letting you continue on as if we were never there.

Drier. Cleaner. Healthier. That is the Chem-Dry promise.

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Metro Chem-Dry uses a solution called The Natural. There are a few reasons that makes this innovative solution the #1 choice to get rid of stains and make your home feel and look as good as new!

    1. Rather than harmful chemicals or enzymes that could be dangerous for you, your kids, or your pets, The Natural has ingredients approved by the FDA.


  1. The formula is, as the name implies, all natural, with Mother Nature being the main influence.
  2. The Natural has been 'green certified' and so it is SAFE and non-toxic.

Most cleaners in Newtown Square, PA, use a soap as their base. This does a good job but there are a couple problems. One is that, with a soap being used, there is almost inevitably a small film that won't be cleaned. This attracts new dirt and leaves your carpet, in the long run, worse than it was before! The best part of The Natural is that it leaves behind absolutely no sticky or dirt-attracting residue whatsoever, so you only have to expect your carpets to be healthier after each clean.

A common choice that a lot of people in Newtown Square, PA, make when it comes to getting your carpets cleaned is by choosing to rent a steam cleaning machine that leaves excess amount of water in your carpet making it easier for mold, mildew, and harmful bacteria to grow. With Metro Chem-Dry, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We let the carbonation in our hot carbonated solution do the hard work of breaking stains away from the fibers of your carpet. Don’t mess around with less-than-stellar steam cleaning machines. Let Metro Chem-Dry do the “dirty” work for you.

Metro Chem-Dry's Carbonated Solution in Newtown Square, PA:

It's great knowing that the solutions used by Metro Chem-Dry are safe for you and your family, but the question is: is it also safe for those pesky stains you can't get rid of? Fortunately for everyone in Newtown Square, PA, it's not!

Metro Chem-Dry has combined The Natural, and it's environmentally friendly ingredients, with the Power of Carbonation. It is a carbonated solution that, literally, explodes dirt and residue from the base of the carpet. After which, our Hot Water extraction removes all bacteria-attracting residue, leaving your carpets cleaner and healthier than ever before. Along with the use of carbonation, Metro Chem-Dry near Newtown Square, PA, chooses not to use soapy, dirt-attracting solutions.

Thanks to this procedure of using carbonation, hot water extraction, and “green” solutions in place of gallons upon gallons of water, your carpets can stay healthier and cleaner for even longer.

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