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Have you been thinking about getting your carpets cleaned? There's never been a better time to clean your carpet than now! Metro Chem-Dry has been in the industry for years, and has a powerful combination of experienced technicians, powerful carpet cleaning solutions, and a customer guarantee that can't be beat!

The NATURAL Way to Cleaner Carpets

Metro Chem-Dry is your HEALTHIER carpet cleaner in Havertown, PA. Chem-Dry was "going green" long before that was the thing to do! Chem-dry has developed environmentally-friendly solutions to be used in our cleaning products. Our best known product, The Natural, is the product of a lot of testing, trials, and errors. The Natural is the carpet cleaning solution that Mother Nature would use herself! Here are some of the benefits:

  • Every ingredient used is on FDA's 'Generally Recognized as Safe' list
  • 100% SAFE for family and pets (not bad on the wallet, too!)
  • No harmful chemicals, soaps or enzymes whatsoever!
  • The Natural is certified GREEN
  • No sticky residues left behind
  • Approved by the FDA

Your DRIER Carpet Cleaning Service

On top of being a healthier clean, Metro Chem-Dry is DRIER. Our solutions allow us to use a mere 80% less water than other carpet cleaners in Havertown, PA. One problem many people have experienced after cleaning their carpets is mold. This problem comes from the method observed by most cleaners: drowning your carpet with water and then vacuuming up as much as possible. Although this is a good way to clean, there is a much better way! Our methods requre us to use much less water. This not only helps avoid the risk of mold, it also allows you to experience dry carpet in a few hours! Our promise to you is that our carpet cleaning process will be better than any you've experienced, while using much less water.

Metro Chem-Dry's Secret Revealed: The Power of Carbonation

At this point you're probably asking yourself "How can a company clean my carpets with less water while still being effective?", right? We're glad you asked! The reason is thanks to our secret, the Power of Carbonation.


You've heard of someone spilling food on their shirt and using club soda to get it out right? They didn't decide to use the club soda because it was convenient, or the only thing available in the moment, they did it because of the carbonation. Carbonation has natural LIFTING properties. Chem-Dry has learned to use these properties to LIFT the stains, dirt and grime right out of your carpet. It's the most effective clean in Havertown, PA, while coming at a great price to you and the environment.

Trust Metro Chem-Dry. We are the #1 carpet cleaner in Havertown, PA!

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