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April, 29 2016

Are you one of many 50 million Americans which get excited for spring then hit the sudden reality of allergy season? This is a tough reality that a lot of us face with the welcomed warmer weather. A wider variety of allergens like pollen, which tend to find their way into your carpets and upholstery will also be brought along with the spring season. Regular carpet cleaning to clear out allergens and grout cleaning to maintain your tiles free from molds undoubtedly are a very important part of keeping allergies under control. This will enable you to experience the warm weather better as opposed to experiencing watery eyes and a running nose.Here are some other tips to help you keep your home fresher, healthier and allergy free!


Alergy season carpet cleaning blog



March, 30 2016


Spring has finially arrived! It's now time for quite possibly the most highlighted cleaning time of the year, Spring Cleaning! Now we realize that it is time for spring cleaning but where can we start? Listed here are 5 simple tips on what to start on with Spring Cleaning. Spring Cleaning can be easy, fun and provide you with a healthier home for your family as you clean your home in the coming weeks!

November 25, 2015

Tips for keeping your carpets clean this holiday season!

The holiday season is great! You are able toget caught up with relatives from near and far. Who doesn’t love celebratory toasts, tree trimming and perhapsthe biggest event of all, the annual holiday party you host? Your carpets probably don’t like it, considering the annual wine spills, mud tracks and outside debris that makes its way in. Here’s the best ways to keep the spills and stains to a minimum:

  • Hire a trained specialist such as Metro Chem-Dry in order to apply a protectant on your carpet. What’s the true secret to blasting red wine stains out of your carpet, quickly and efficiently? By choosing a professional in order to apply tough protectant onto your carpet, of course! Prepare for the holiday season (and all the spills and stains that are included in your holiday gatherings) by having Metro Chem-Dry apply a stain resistant solution to your carpets which includes stain blockers to make certain that soils have nowhere to soak in and can even be easily rinsed from your carpets. Call your local Metro Chem-Dry, and allow the professionals to prepare your most vulnerable and high traffic areas for success before the food staining opportunities of this holiday season begin.

  • Notify your friends and relatives to leave their shoes by the door. One of the many quickest and easiest ways to stop mud, bacteria and dirt that lives outdoors from coming into your home is by making a shoe station at the front door. With those out-of-state family members that could come for a visit, explain (with a smile) their shoes are safe in your home by the front door. Surely they’ll know the pride which you have for your carpets, and chances are high, they’ll be more than happy to oblige.

  • If the weather is warm enough, bring the party outdoors! Certain parts of the country are sufficiently lucky to have mild winter months. If you live in Texas, Arizona or California, you may be one of the few able to comfortably host a ‘winter wonderland’ themed party outdoors!

Get ready forthe holiday season by contacting Metro Chem-Dry, the cleaning experts you can trust! They provide a ‘tough on stains, healthy for your home’ carpet solution and protectant intended to help keep the spills and stains away-no matter the number of visitors you get!



October 22, 2015
How to protect your carpet with the season changing

With the weather turning cooler and leaves are changing color, the autumnmonths are also bringing rain…and a great deal of it! While it usually isan excellent time for early evening walks and colorful foliage, it's not at all the prettiest time for your carpets! The rainy season often means wet, dirty, and muddy carpets. Not to fret…there are plenty ofactions you can taketo guard your carpets with the rainy weather that accompanies the autumn season.

Make surethat anyone who enters your home removes their shoes by yourentry way. This will alleviate a great deal of dirt and mud from being tracked within your home on people’s shoes. If you have pets, you should also wipe their paws before enabling them to enter your home.

Also, it is advisable to invest in rugs and door mats. By placing door mats at each of the entryways, you are ablelower the amount of grime that comesdirectly into the home. It is a good reminder for guests to wipe their feet. You can place decorative rugs in hallways, entryways, besides other high traffic areas. This is an easy and inexpensive way to protect your carpets from stains. Rugs aremuch easier to clean and can oftentimes be washed in the washing machine.

root cause of soiling and stains is high humidity. When there's a high level of moisture in the air, it is more likely that soils and stains can set into your carpets. You can avoid this problem by using fans or air-conditioners to reduce the moist air in your home.


September 23, 2015
Fall is in the air!

As fall is upon us, don't forget the holidays will be quick to follow. The time of year that sneaks up on us quickly every year and we find ourselves completely busy with family and friends, we often times don't realize the increased traffic that our carpets get. Now is a great time to get your carpets cleaned for the fall and upcoming winter holidays. As fall comes in you will notice allergies can start up again. Our cleaning process combats allergens and can help with keeping your allergies at bay. Furthermore, our deep cleaning process can help keep you and your family healthy this cold and flu season. At Metro Chem-Dry, we want you to breathe easier about the healthfulness of your home and your family. Whether you suffer from allergies or asthma or you just want to provide the healthiest home for your family, Metero Chem-Dry can help you remove the allergens and bacteria hiding in your home and improve your indoor air quality. Give us a call to ensure you are healthy this fall allergy season and then during cold and flu season.


July 22, 2015

Metro Chem-Dry knows that life will still happen in between carpet cleanings. Here are some helpful tips to protect your carpet for longer:

  •   Placing an area rug in high traffic areas, such as entrances to your home, will protect your carpet from unnecessary staining and everyday wear.
  •   No shoe rule. Ask that guests that enter your home take off their shoes because shoes often carry dirt, debris and oils on their soles. Having people take them off should help prevent grime from being tracked over your carpets.
  •   Vacuuming regularly especially before summer parties will help prevent everyday dirt from accumulating and setting into your carpet, before adding more dirt that may be tracked in from guests.
  •   If you do encounter a stain, blot it with lukewarm water immediately to prevent it from sinking into the carpet pad. Use a cloth towel for blotting.
  •   Make sure to vacuum immediately any get togethers to avoid food crumbs from sticking to the carpet and turning into mold and bacteria. Go over the most heavily trafficked carpet areas in several directions to allow the vacuum to pick up all it can.

When you are ready to get those carpets cleaned remember to give Metro Chem-Dry a call.


January 20th, 2015

Filtration Lines

Have you ever noticed that the carpet close to the baseboards tends to be a little darker? These lines are known as filtration lines, and they're especially visible when contrasted with lighter carpet.

It's common to assume the lines are caused from the vacuum not being able to reach that close to the baseboard, but that is only one part of the issue. All homes, even the most well-built, allow air flow through the small spaces between boards. Air is constantly shifting and passing through these spaces due to the ever-present temperature and pressure differences in your home. They often pass through the small spaces beneath walls and doors. Anything the air might be carrying then passes through the carpet fibers which clings to any debris it might be bringing in with it. Dust, Oils, and microscopic dirt particles are just a few of the things that may be in the air that are soiling the carpet over time.

Getting rid of these filtration lines takes the know how and proper equipment. A thorough process of deep cleaning, agitation, and the correct solutions is what will really get rid of these dark lines. As professionals, at Metro Chem-Dry, we are well trained to get rid of your filtration line problems. Our flagship cleaning solution pushes deep into your carpet, breaking up the dirt and oil, and then lifting them to the surface where they are easily removed. No dirt attracting residues are left behind by our solution that steers clear of such components. Because of this, your home will stay cleaner for a much longer time. Experience the Metro Chem-Dry difference of a drier, cleaner, healthier home.

Call today for a free quote or to schedule an appointment!

December 11th, 2014

7 Holiday GIFs Explain Choosing a Carpet Cleaner

The Holiday season is here! And with that comes the countless classic nuances we deal with every year. So, to commemorate the start of the annual festivities, we put together a few GIFs showing you how the holiday season relates to getting your carpets cleaned.

First, let’s be honest, the holidays can be great but they’re not perfect. There are some days you wake up and can just feel the chill from outside. Sometimes choosing a carpet cleaning company you trust can be hard and make you want to just sleep in.

It doesn’t help, either, when you finally go to clean your carpets and are met with a blizzard of dust and dirt that seems to have come over night.

So, when you do choose to get your carpets cleaned, remember one thing. Among the countless providers for carpet cleaning, there’s one that sticks out. One that will do tricks, even, to make you happy.

And even when the other companies are battling for your attention, know that the Chem-Dry process has proven itself over the years. We have a guarantee that has been tried and tested.

Because, after the dust has settled (outside of your house, of course), the last thing you want is to find out that what you really wanted turned out to be something different. With Metro Chem-Dry you can rest assured that you will never be disappointed!

In fact, if you are surprised, it will be a good one.

You’ll dance all day long knowing that your carpets are clean, and that they came at a great price for you, your family, your wallet, and the environment!

 So while you’re spending time with family making new memories this year, allow us to brighten those memories just a little bit, by making them Drier, Cleaner and Healthier. Call Metro Chem-Dry today for a free estimate!

 November 17th, 2014 - The Top 5 Scariest Things Hiding in Your Carpet

Here’s something to think about: every day, you walk on your carpet, your pets play on it and your kids crawl on it. Just how safe do you think that is? Just in time for Halloween – or, just after Halloween – we’ve made a list of the 5 scariest things hiding in your carpet that a vacuum cleaner just can’t get rid of.

#5 – Allergens

If you’re like over half of the population in the United States, you suffer from allergies – and if you don’t, chances are that someone in your family does. Few people know that carpet virtually acts as an allergen storage unit, allowing them to be active in your home all year round and make you continually miserable.


#4 – Chemicals

You can’t even imagine how many harmful substances are lodged in your carpet fibers – and it doesn’t just happen over time. New carpets typically house formaldehyde, toluene, styrene, acetone and benzene, some of which are even considered to cause cancer by the EPA. Even the new carpet smell that everyone loves is caused by 4-PC, a chemical that is known to cause eye and respiratory problems.


#3 – Mold


Even though steam cleaning can potentially help your carpet in some ways, mold prevention is not one of them. During the steam cleaning process, gallons of water are dumped on to your carpet, pushing dirt and grime deep down into your padding and creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria underneath your carpet.

#2 – Bacteria


If you can believe it, the bottom of your shoes carry more bacteria than a toilet seat. Do you wear your shoes when you’re walking on your carpet? If so, you’re tracking millions of kinds of bacteria, harmful or not, onto your carpet, not to mention what your kids and pets bring into the house on a daily basis. Yikes.

#1 - Dust Mites


 And you thought spiders were scary! Just look at that thing. There’s no wonder this tops our list of the scariest things living in your carpet. These things are what scientists call cosmopolitan pyroglyphidae, and they live in your carpet and survive on flakes of your skin. Aside from being incredibly creepy, they are a common cause of allergic and asthma symptoms throughout the world and can induce wheezing. Disgusting, huh?

Even though those are pretty scary things to have living in your home, there’s no reason to worry. Chem-Dry uses an all-natural process that is safe for your home and that reduces the risk of mold and bacteria, in addition to the fastest dry times on the market. Give us a call and let us help you get rid of what’s been hiding in your carpet.

September 19th, 2014 - Choosing a Carpet Cleaner

The Chem-Dry method provides the most powerful carpet cleaning solution available on the market today.  Using the power of carbonation, we have created a proprietary technique to get your carpets feeling and looking new again. If you have ever poured a carbonated soda into a glass you have experienced the foundation of what Chem-Dry is.  stains, soils, dirt, and grime don't stand a chance when this carbonation process is used in your carpets. They are broken up and expelled from individual carpet fibers. Once the unpleasant debris is elevated to the surface, our machines gather the particles and, using hot water, they are extracted away. Our incredible solutions remove all unwanted particles from your carpet completely, providing you with the most thorough – and the most satisfying clean – available anywhere. As opposed to carbonated cleaning, steam cleaning uses high pressure and gallons of water on your carpets. But by doing this, they fail to clean the carpet and just push the moisture and grime deeper into the carpet fibers. This approach presses dirt and moisture down into your carpet, hiding the mess rather than cleaning it, and creates a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. With Chem-Dry your carpets will dry in just 1-2 hours because we use 80% less water than other cleaners! Carpets cleaned with Chem-Dry dry 24 times faster, providing you with a much more efficient and convenient clean. The difference is obvious.

Since we offer our incredible services at such affordable prices, we're confident our service can fit any home or budget. For cleaner carpets and happier homes, call us today!

September 19th, 2014 - Spot Removal Tips

Your carpets could most always benefit from a good cleaning, and knowing when to call a professional carpet cleaner is wise. Even though most carpet cleaners will run to your home to fix the stain when you call, we're here to tell you that many stains will come up easily with a few easy steps and save you some money. At Chem-Dry, we care about your floors. Because people are our priority, we are pleased to part with some basic stain fighting techniques. 

One solution is simple: warm water. All you need to do is dampen the problem area and blot it with a white cloth. Be careful not to rub the spot too vehemently, as this will only spread the stain around and damage the carpet fibers. Blot the stain firmly to transfer the stain from the carpet to your cloth. Be sure to check your towel to make sure the stain is pulling from the carpet. You will see the white color start to darken. If you don't see any darkening on the towel, stop the process.

If there's no transfer to your towel, club soda is the next thing to try. Chem-Dry's effective solution is based on the power of carbonation - just like club soda. The properties that are found in carbonation make it a powerful cleaning agent. Simply repeat what you did before, substituting the club soda in place of the water. If you don't have success with warm water or club soda, then it is time to give Chem-Dry a call! Our powerful, yet gentle techniques make us confident we can finally get rid of those pesky spots and stains by whisking away unwanted particles. Call us now for all your stain removal needs!